Recca no honoo online dating

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Recca no honoo online dating

Oda Nobunaga made it a point to wipe them out and acquire their weapons.Koran Mori wishes to acquire the Madogu that will give him eternal life.When Nobunaga ordered the slaughter of the Hokage, he was sent into the future.Yanagi Sakoshita – Yanagi is a teenage girl who has the power to heal any ability.Despite the fact both series don't share the same theme, they feel very much alike.The atmosphere and the idea of developing your own skills is approached from two different sides, martial arts and food.He even claim to be one and fight with his school mates all the time, using his wonderful abilities.

During a fight with a woman dressed in black, he discovers that he can control fire.This forces Recca and his team of Madogu wielders to join a tournament where Madogu users battle each other.Recca no Honoo Characters: Hanabishi Recca – Recca is a high-school student who loves anything to with ninjas. He has the power to control flames and is heir to the Hokage clan.She heals Recca after a pile of metal pipes fall on him. Koran Mori kidnaps her in the hopes of helping him achieve eternal life. She wields the Eikai Kyoku which allows her to teleport using the shadows, reveal the past and scrying.She is cursed with immortality for teleporting Recca to the future to save him.

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