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I think that going on a real date means you have to talk to someone for more than just a flirty conversation on Tinder and for some people, the idea of talking to someone they like without the scripted-ness a phone provides is terrifying to the point of paralysis.” - “It just feels like relationships are sexual tension with cell phones.I think traditional dates are so rare, because people focus on getting intimate too fast.So, they don't want to spend the time getting to know someone when they can get what they want in a faster way. If a guy is serious about a girl, then he usually takes her out on a date, but most guys are not serious in college.I know of maybe three people, including myself, who have actually gone on real dates. Most people I've known go out to dinner and pay for their own dinners because you know, food is expensive and we’re in college.Ever since Tinder and the 'Netflix and chill' phenomenon, going out on dates has become rare.It's so easy for guys to DM you and invite you over just to ‘chill’ without taking you out on a proper date first.

And then not only did this fantasy guy take your number, but then he called the next day and asked if you’d like to go to dinner with him? So we had 17 college women discuss the lack of 'old-fashioned dating' on their campus.I think that our generation doesn't feel the need to settle down as quickly as people have in the past.College is about focusing on yourself and learning about yourself.Usually a real date consists of going to the movies or just off campus to eat.I would even consider a dining hall date to be a step in the right direction.

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It seems as if the hookup culture has taken over, although I do see a few people go out on dinner dates or movie dates.