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SOMETIME PRESIDENT OF THE PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF MANY SCHOLARS AND MEN OF SCIENCE. THIS volume contains the words beginning with the letter C. 1893- [All rights reserved.} Ctforb PRINTED AT THE CLARENDON TRESS b V HORACE HAETi I'KINIER 10 THK UNIVERSITY PREFACE TO VOLUME II. of simple and obvious meaning (such as camp-boy, camp-fire, camp-language), which are practically unlimited in number, and of which several thousands are recorded and illustrated by quotations, but without individual explanations, under the Main words. 1 A N EW ENGLISH DICTIONARY ON HISTORICAL PRINCIPLES; FOUNDED MAINLY ON THE MATERIALS COLLECTED BY EDITED BY JAMES A. Come, Cast), the Subordinate entries of distinct forms of words, which appear in their alphabetical place with a reference to the Main form under which they are treated (e.g. form of COCKROACH), and the specialized Combinations or compounds, explained under the Main words (e.g. This number does not include the combinations VI 1'KLh ALE TO VOLUME II. The actual number of words treated in C— including the Main words, to which separate articles are assigned (e.g.

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