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Endomorphs carry the most fat so to trim down, dietary habits are important and you’ll need to do loads of cardio as well as lifting light weights doing high repetitions of 15 .

A cardio exercise that is highly recommended is Boxing which is great for toning and burning the fat plus loads of fun.

You will generally tend to fall into one of the categories but it is not unusual to have a blend of 2.

What I have done is break down the respective groups and suggest workout methods to help you achieve your goal.

I went against that as I didn't want to insult your intelligence as you all don't need me to tell you that hard work and dedication can result in anything you want to achieve, you know that right? Anyway back to the topic at hand which has once again got my health & fitness brain ticking..... The reason I've decided to tackle this topic is due to the sheer volume of people I see in the gym on a daily basis, week to week, month to month, year to year doing the exact same routine and looking exactly the same.

In terms of exercise you want to focus on compound movements working the larger muscle groups.The ache is not a bad thing, "embrace the ache" I say, its a sign of an effective workout, you want to force the body into adaptation mode, its only then that you will see a physical transformation.Like I said earlier we are wonderfully created so the adaptation period won't last long at all, only taking 2-3weeks before the body is fully acclimatised to your routine and screaming out for a new challenge.Our body has been created perfectly to adapt to the stresses & vigour we put it under, the day after your first tough effective workout when the aching sets in is the very moment your body begins to adapt.What happens during a workout is you create micro tears in the muscles, during sleep & rest days your body begins to repair itself, the muscles rebuilding stronger to avoid the repeat of the tearing.


If your desire is to gain muscle but stay cut then I suggest you watch your calorie intake and include High Intensity Interval Training with your weight sessions.

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