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Ha yeon soo and kang ha neul dating website

I especially didnt like Han So Ran's story because all she did was whine that her life was boring, so i skipped some of her part. I became more understanding of the old man as i continue watching. This drama make you laugh,cry, love, and reflect on your life. The way they portray their romance was so real and both were extremely passionate in their kissing scenes. It made me even questioned whether are they even acting or not since it seems so natural between between them. It's seriously so romantic that it will make your love cells grow. As a Kdramas lover, I put The Package as my top 3 favourite drama. Their chemistry, no joke, amazing chemistry that I couldnt believe it happen between this two beautiful people. Since the ending is too short, I felt like The Package shoud have Season 2 or epilogue. Their chemistry was evident both on screen and off screen. Amazing chemistry, it's hard to tell wether they're acting or they're really really in love, they're so natural. I wasn't sure about the show at first but it's really nice. The characters are also interesting too, the setting is beautiful too.However, starting form episode 7, the drama improved and finally got my attention. I do like Yong Hwa in this drama because his character is somewhat awkward and funny. I hope for a Season 2 for the continuation of the love of Maroo and So so and all of the characters. Watched it without any expectations and finished it blown away by how much I've gotten attached with all of the characters. And Yonghwa as Maroo here completely stole my heart away. Other cast is doing really well too, all of them are great actor. I know a lot of the comments here about Lee Yeon Hee lack of acting skills are driven by shippers of Jung Yong Hwa and other women, but I found her to be extremely good in this drama. And not to forget other 3 couple, all of them did really well. Hope to see more Yong Hwa n Yeon Hee in the other project drama or variety show. Give it a chance if you're wavering just like I was This drama is a little gem!This definitely falls under the, as Spotify would say it, 'The One's That Got Away' category. Please PDnim n Writernim, think about it, I need The Package Season 2. There's enough material here for at least 4 more episodes or a second season.You left us hanging with no closure for these people we came to love! one of the best Korean dramas i’ve watched and i felt like i was part of the actual tour in France with the characters.. After reading all the reviews here, i decided to watch this drama..

The first 6 episodes were incredibly slow and felt like a waste of time. The plot is really good that it doesn't focus only to the main leads. I never expected that these two will matched each other so well especially in their banter and romance in the drama. Jung Yong Hwa did his best work ever here and Lee Yeon Hee was radiant. Lee Yeon Hee and Jung Yong Hwa made a beautiful couple.Here, you have a male and female lead that you can root for with or without the romance. And let's not forget those perfectly executed intimate scenes between Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee! It really was crazy 8 night, 10 day tour for the characters crazy roller coaster feeling for the viewers. The Package is one of the best and underrated dramas of this season. Great cast, good writing and direction and beautiful scenes of France.Oftentimes, we wish for a happy ending because that can only be the saving grace for a drama but not in this drama. It's also quite amazing how both leads are uniquely charming in different ways yet both so relatable and realistic. Laugh, warm, sad, tears, lesson, reflect, joy, happy feeling that this drama bring. It made me howl out of laughter, it made me bawl my eyes out, and it definitely made me wish I was living a life like that of Yoon So So. There must be something about the light there - every actor/actress glows in this drama. Light dramas and Ma Ru's comedy, and great casts plus beautiful cinematography. I love Lee Yeonhee and Jung Yonghwa's scenes so much.No unrealistic villains, no unrealistic plot twists, no cliched conflicts, love triangles etc. The balance between comedy, romance and angst to a certain extent was done brilliantly! Due to the drama being too short, I hope for an epilogue or a season 2 if it can get the greenlight and I'm crossing my fingers hard. Knows how to act and he knows how to be good comedian. ) and then the tragic couple - Ma Ru and So So - who may have found true love.All the characters are real people you can relate to. It's good to see Yong Wha in a thoughtful, adult drama that still has a mix of comedy in it.

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It’s such a cliffhanger because what happens to everyone!!!

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