Guest book of christian dating sites

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Guest book of christian dating sites

I love you both and thank God I am one of your many partners.

I pray that if I am only the small toe or finger in the body of Christ that I will be the best toe and or finger God can help me become. Thank you so much Pastor Wommack for obeying The Lord Thank you so much Andrew and your family for allowing God to use you.

I receive Steve's emails and have appreciated them tremendously!! I have only one concern and that is the association with Ray Comfort. I live in Roanoke and we have a very small (if any) group of courageous Christians.

On a side note; I thought the comment below by Ryan was a bit funny as he calls you morons and defends the lying prophet. Having gone through the book on evangelism that he did with Cameron, I am concerned that he has some problems trusting in the power of God's gospel. There is only 1 gospel, thus 1 gospel message, so to write a book with a multitude of solutions (depending on the audience) is to fail to trust in the power of the 1 gospel. I believe Comfort is a gateway path to sloppy Arminian theologions and even quotes from Roman Catholics in that book, so he concerns me. I have more enemies from within the local churches than I do with non believers. If you know of like minded believers in the Roanoke area please let me know.

I will half to train the workers to put the power into their hearts and run with it!!!! Only a few in US has it no medicine for it no reearch on it. Have a happy new year and we pray for you always, God to continue protecting you. Andrew said John 3:3-7 "You must be born again or you will not see the kingdom of God ". in Jesus name What a blessing that this DVD has been created! I've been watching the AWM Christmas shows on Tivo over and over. This was God speaking through them with the actual reason I was not seeing more prosperity and success with my business and financial life. A couple of months prior God spoke to me as told me that nothing was going to happen until I came back to Him.

In the grand scheme of eternity, life on Earth is temporary (and all of the struggles we experience-- most importantly the lies from demonic forces which you are blindly believing in).

Standing out there on the streets yelling at people that they're going to hell while holding a ridiculous sign is high up on the list of stupid.

Being dismissive of people who come to you for help and questions is on the level of a**hole.

One of the vortex points is located in Park City, Utah where a woman named Teal Swan has been teaching us about spirituality.

We all have the power to be empaths and must use that power for good - to bring unity and peace on earth so that we may learn how to exist with other extra-terrestrials when they make themselves known to us. He was one of the most disrespectful people I have had the displeasure to Face Book with. Yes there will be those who look at you as saviors. Your just a sad group of West Burrough Baptist wannabees with nothing else better to do then to spew HATE.

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Thank you for putting all these teachings on this site for anyone to gain access to.

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