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Dating tele pickups

The Limited Edition Guitars usually came with their own hardcase, but all other Ob G's were sold with a Ob G gigbag, and so as a result Ob G Original Hardcases are very rare.

Most of the Ob G flametops are laminate, but there are some solid flametop guitars, these are extremely rare.

The ST-85 and 115 also have a steel trem block, the 85 has japanese pots, caps and switch and pickguard, whereas the 115 uses all USA parts, cts pots, high quality USA caps, and USA switch.

The 115 pickguards are the shielded fender USA ones..(full shielding for the 62-115, and a extra shielding plate for the 57-115, as per the originals.) Identification of the model number without the sticker on the neck back, can only be made by the finish, the electrics (see above) and the steel trem.

There are some Ob G LPS models which were produced in very limited numbers, like the 54 LP (stoptail and P90's), and some Limited Edition runs of (usually) 50 guitars .

The Orville by Gibson Les Paul Standard series (LPS) 1988-1993, do not have fret edge binding and have "Standard" on the truss rod cover,.excepting pickups, are otherwise identical to the Ob G reissues.

The rarest are the EGF-1200, the highest normal production model, and the ''built to order'' EGF-1800, which has a solid flametop, both of these models feature the fabled 'DRY Z' pickups, made by Maxxon, and are amongst the best regarded of all LP replicas.

There was also supposedly a highly quilted EGF-2500 but it has never been documented accurately. The EG59-100 and EG58-120 have laminate flametops, DRY-1982 pickups and 50's style necks, some of the EG58-120's also have fret binding and are very similar to the EGF-1200 Super Real, but with slightly slimmer profile necks, again the highest production model was the EG60-180 with a solid flametop, like the previous EGF-1800's.

Most of the best Japanese replicas, excluding Tokai, were built between 19 in the Fugi-gen Gakki factory by Japanese luthiers, these include the "lawsuit" guitars and forced Fender and Gibson to license this factory to produce their branded products in Japan.

In many cases, these Japanese Fenders and Gibsons are of higher build quality, finish and tone than the US made versions.

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In my experience, the A, B and C neck pocket stamps are not a completely reliable way of telling the model, there are ST-115's with both A and B stamps, (although the majority are A) and there are some ST-85 with steel trem and nitro body with a C neck stamp.the Tele's there are nitro finished 95's with both A and C stamps.

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