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"Based on the literature and research on relationships, the contracting idea is a pathway to staying in love," Gottman told Business Insider."Quite the contrary." If each partner in a relationship sees his or her action of deserving of an equal "quid pro quo"-like response, that could spell disaster.A relationship that just so happens to include sex with other people.My partner and I are sitting on his floor eating Greek takeout off a flipped cardboard box — he’s just moved — discussing this. I don’t like to use the word “heteroflexible” (It sounds so trendy: “I’ll have a double cappuccino, this dress is thrifted, and by the way, I’m heteroflexible! So my partner and I had worked out that I could hook up with women if I told him beforehand. I'll just say that it seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is a Dating Contract designed to help and prepare couples for that ultimate life changing decision.Relying on intuition and surprises can be romantic, but that also creates ripe terrain for miscommunication in a relationship.In a recent New York Times "Modern Love" column, Mandy Len Catron says she and her partner have found a better way.If a relationship contract takes time to outline these parameters, it could be a big help. If it helps set a foundation for couples to be more collaborative in their approach to big life decisions, a relationship contract could be healthy, studies suggest.A report from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia that looked at more than a thousand adults found that couples who took time to talk through big decisions together (as opposed to sliding through them somewhat haphazardly) were happier individually and as a couple later on.

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Some experts say the idea of a relationship contract could help ensure clear communication and prevent one partner from feeling like his or her needs aren't being met.

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